WP Affiliate Suite Review With Bonuses, Demo, and Pricing

WP Affiliate Suite Review With Bonuses and Pricing

Thank you for checking out my WP Affiliate Suite Review. In recent years affiliate marketing has become extremely popular as more and more people realize that it offers a great opportunity to earn a lot of money while giving the flexibility to work whatever schedule you are comfortable working. How many other jobs out there can boast this combination of great income and a flexible work schedule? Imagine being able to earn a great living while being your own boss. If you can imagine this, then you have an idea of what it’s like to work as an affiliate marketer.

What Is WP Affiliate Suite And How Can It Help You To Get Started In The Exciting Work Of Affiliate Marketing?

WP Affiliate Suite CourseIf you’ve been looking for a way to get started in affiliate marketing, the WP Affiliate Suite can help you to finally take the plunge. It’s designed to be helpful to professionals who have been working in the industry for a while as well as for people who are just getting started.

What makes WP Affiliate such a great choice for anyone interested in affiliate marketing is the fact that it is a complete A to Z course. It literally teaches you everything you need to know with simple step by step instructions that anyone can follow. Not only will you get this amazing course when you order you’ll also get a premium WordPress affiliate marketing theme that you can use to get your website off the ground quickly!

Click Here to Visit the Official WP Affiliate Suite Website.

Taking A Look Inside How WP Affiliate Suite Works

What exactly do you get when you order WP Affiliate Suite? I am a member of Chris’ Facebook group and when he announced that he was developing this training I was ready to buy at that moment.  Well, let me tell you, after getting the course and trying it I’ll tell you that I’ve learned more from this course than anything else that I’ve ever tried. It’s that good.

When you train with WP Affiliate Suite you are able to pick up on concepts and processes quickly because the training is broken down to make it as easy as possible to follow. Even if you have experience with WordPress I don’t recommend that you skip any of the videos in the course you may miss some gold nuggets. Don’t forget that there are additional upsells that you can purchase in addition to your membership to take your affiliate marketing training to the next level. I’ll get to those in a minute here.

Here’s what Inside WP Affiliate Suite

You’ll get affiliate marketing training videos that will show you everything that you need to know to succeed.You’ll get WordPress training videos that will teach you how to use WordPress to create a professional-looking website.You’ll also get a custom WordPress theme, which I’m using for the site you are visiting right now.

The bottom line is that this is an opportunity that you can’t afford to let pass you by. The course covers everything that you need to know to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

With this course, you’ll get access to videos that detail various aspects of affiliate marketing including:

An amazing video that will show you what types of keywords to focus on.How to use affiliate links to drive sales.What the best types of affiliate networks are. And many more as well.

If you feel intimidated by the prospect of trying to create your own website then you aren’t alone. Fortunately, WordPress training covers everything that you need to know to build an amazing looking website that is easy to use. You’ll even learn how to customize it so your site can have a unique look.

Click Here to Learn More About WP Afffilate Suite From Chris Derenberger or Purchase

WP Affiliate Suite Upsells and OTO’s

While this course is amazing by itself you can make it even better by taking advantage of various upsells. I wasn’t sure about them myself, but I decided to take the plunge, and I’m glad I did! Believe it or not, the site you are visiting at this very moment was developed with training and theme found in the course.

Upsell #1 Advanced SEO Strategies ($37)

This is a really great add on that goes into detail about how Search Engine Optimization works, and what strategies you can employ to help your website to rank higher in search engine results.

While you’ll learn a lot of great tips on how to increase your site’s rank, don’t expect it to be some kind of magic bullet that does it for you. You’ll have to work for it, but at least you’ll have a proven blueprint for success.

Chris Derenberger will teach you methods that you can start using today to help your ranking, and then he’ll offer you some additional tools that can propel you to the next level. While these tools are an additional expense, they are definitely well worth it.

Upsell #2 DFY Niche Sites ($45-$297)

This is an amazing option here that can help you to go from an average affiliate marketer to an extraordinary one! With 50 WordPress themes that are prepared for you, this will help you to get multiple websites up and running quickly. These themes come with logos, professional stock photos, articles, banners, and everything else you need for a great looking website.

The pre-loaded niche themes make it easy to get accepted by different affiliate networks. How does it work? Simple, load the theme, add some custom content, then you are good to go!

If you are looking to save some money here’s the time to do it. In the niche shop with WP Affiliate Suite, each of these themes will cost you $25. But if you choose to accept the upsell you can save up to 76% on them! Here’s a quick breakdown of the pricing:

  • 3 DFY themes for $45 (Normally $75)
  • 15 DFY themes for $150 (normally $375)
  • Or ALL the themes 55+ for $297 (normally $1,250.. 76% discount!)
  • WP Affiliate Suite Done For you theme

Upsell #3 DFY Themes Reseller License ($197):

This upsell was an easy call for me. Since I bought all of the themes and the reseller license, I can now sell these themes as if they were my own and earn 100% of the profits whenever I do.

When you purchase the reseller licenses you can resell all 55+ themes on your own website, on social media, through sites like Fiverr, or anywhere else you can imagine. You can also give these themes away for free, which makes them a powerful promotional tool.

Who Was WP Affiliate Suite Created For?

Everyone. It really is that simple. What I loved about WP Affiliate Suite is the fact that it covers information that is simple enough for beginners, and detailed enough to allow veteran affiliate marketers to still learn something of value.

If you have constraints on your time the DFY themes are also tremendously helpful You can upload these themes on your WordPress site in only a few minutes, then you are good to go! After spending a few hours customizing your site you’ll be ready to start your journey as an affiliate marketer.


So, here’s a quick recap with my final thoughts. Do you want a real affiliate marketing business that can provide you with income and freedom like you never imagined was possible? Do you want to learn how to build your own website and use it to build a sustainable business? Then this is the course for you. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it’s a proven method for building sustainable wealth.

With WP Affiliate Suite you’ll get the training you need to build a WordPress site and you’ll learn how to build and promote your affiliate marketing business.

For people short on time the DFY themes are simply amazing. They will help you to create a website quickly and easily, even if you’ve never created one before.

The bottom line is that I wish I’d found something like this years ago. Don’t let the incredibly low early bird price of only $14.95 fool you, this is a course that is worth far more than that. I thought that this was just another in a long line of courses I’d try then be unhappy with, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

My Exclusive Bonus Package

If you purchase WP Affiliate Suite through my link. You will receive the following premium video courses that will help you on you website building

Bonus #1: Get Started With Cpanel (20 Video Training Course)

Mastering Cpanel will help you accomplish your tasks faster and manage your website better and that is why we decided give you this unique over the shoulder video series to get you started very quickly with it.

Bonus #2: Expert Editing with WordPress (20 Video Training Course)

Watch as we show you the how you can easily use the new wordpress editor to make posts like pros. In this video training we reveal all my best tips to you on what we do and what are the tools we use to get it done fast.

Bonus #3: HTML For Internet Marketers (20 Video Training Course)

This video course will show you how to get started with HTML so that you can have an unfair advantage over your competitors.We reveal our best tips for using some unknown tactics that only a few elite knows.

Bonus #4: Sell and Profit On Flippa (6 Video Training Course)

So you went through Chris’s training and your churning out websites. You make make even more money building and selling websites on Flippa. Watch as we show you how to make big bucks from Flippa starting today. In this video training we reveal all my best tips to you on what we do and what are the tools we use to get it done fast.

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